You Decide To Win!

by : wood128

During my undergraduate year, there was this annual contest on computer quiz. The prizes for the computer quiz were quite attractive. A few friends decided to join the contest. In fact, if I recalled correctly, they had joined the contest almost yearly.

Why? Because they always won the top prizes. Why do they always win top prizes? I was curious about their secrets.

Through my personal observation, I realize something different about them. They had made the decision to win right from the start. Everything was planned and executed accordingly to win that contest. This is quite different from the others.

Of course, one such observation is not good enough to conclude anything. However, this observation was enforced by a previous one.

While I was in college, there was an annual cross-country running contest where all the students must take part. My seniors told me that the contestants who wanted to win the race would start dashing right from the beginning. And they would continue to maintain such a high speed pace till the end of the race. Since it was the first time I heard of such thing, I was wondering how true was this.

At the actual event, when the whistle was blown to indicate the start of the race, I noticed that a few of contestants simply dashed off while the rest of the contestants were starting at much slower pace. This was my first observation that winner decides to win right at the start.

From these two observations and more subsequently, I have concluded that in general, people join contest for various reasons. Some people join the contest for the experience. They simply want more exposure in life. Some people join the contest for fun. They simply want to enjoy themselves. Some people join the contest and hope to win the contest by luck. But there will be a few of them who join the contest just to win only! And they will plan and act accordingly based on that decision.

Imagine your life is a contest, how do you want to win out of life? If you have not make any decision to win, you are unlikely to win!

For example, if you want to retire in abundance, decide that you will retire in abundance. Plan and take actions based on your decision to ensure you do retire in abundance. Do not leave everything to chance. Most good things in life do not happen by luck.

The weekly idea that I will like to share with you is:
Decide to win right from the start.

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