Why Poor People Cant Get Rich

by : snook2

The distribution of wealth is never equal, there is always someone with more and someone with less. They say that if you were to take all the wealth in the world and redistribute it equally amongst the world's population that within a short while the top 20% will again control 80% of the wealth. So why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The poor tend to think that the reason they are poor is because they aren't rich. It sounds ludicrous when you read that sentence but that is exactly how many of them think. They say that if they had the resources and money at their disposal like the rich then they too would be rich. The irony of it all is that very thinking, that you need money to make money is the very reason they are poor.

Money is not a requirement to wealth. If that was the case then all the poor people in the world might as well resign now to their future of lack. We wouldn't then hear about all those inspiring rags to riches story and how people overcame all odds to make it rich.

So if you don't need money to become rich then why is it so hard for poor people to become rich. The simple fact is that the rich have a wealth consciousness that creates abundance and prosperity in their lives. Whereas the poor have a money lack consciousness about money and therefore keeps them shackled in lack and poverty.

If you are in a current financial position that looks more like the description of the poor than the rich then you need to start to make some changes. The most unproductive thing you can do is to keep doing what you did yesterday and hope today will produce a different result. Change your actions and thoughts and that will change your results. So how do you go about changing your results?

First you need to start to find out what the rich do that you don't do. If you wanted to be able to play golf you would have a better chance of improving your game by learning from a PGA certified coach then you would asking your friend how is a weekend hacker scoring 30 over par. It's the same thinking when it comes to changing your financial situation. Learn from someone who is already rich rather than trying to learn from your friends and family who themselves are just barely keeping their heads above water. At the end of the day everyone is willing to give out free advice, but sometimes free advice if followed can be the most costly of them all. If you don't have people around you who are financially independent then go out and buy books of authors, go to seminars or ask around your circle of friends for recommendation. Start to take in the advice from people who can actually get you to where you want to go because they themselves have seen what the finish line looks like.