Quick and Easy Breakfast Solutions

by : News Canada

(NC)-Looking for a fresh, new way to start the day? Think outside the breadbox…and beyond! Darlene Gingrich, Thomas' Break-xpert provides the following 'menu' of mouth-watering morning solutions that include much more than just jams and syrup:

  • Calling all cheese-lovers! Top an English Muffin with a slice of your favourite cheese, add a slice of ham or bacon and toast open-faced under the broiler until the cheese starts to melt. Gooey and good!

  • Your own egg and muffin creation. Poached or scrambled eggs take just seconds in the microwave and make the perfect partner to an English Muffin. Include a spoonful of salsa to add a zesty twist!

  • Gourmet on the go. Package one or two Fresh Waffles in plastic sandwich bags and your favourite fruit topping in a reusable sealed container. Toast the waffle once you get to work, top it off with your assortment of fruit and enjoy decadence at your desk. Add a spoonful of fruit yogurt for a breakfast parfait!

  • Brie? Mais oui! Add sliced pears and Brie cheese to a toasted Fresh Waffle for an alternative to syrup.

  • Brown Betty made easy. Microwave sliced apples with brown sugar and a dab of butter until warm. Serve over a hot fresh waffle.

  • Pizza for breakfast! Who says you should only eat it at lunch? Top an English Muffin with tomato sauce and all of your favourite toppings. Quick, easy and nutritious, and fun for the kids to help.

- News Canada