Five Tips on Excellent Decision-Making For Stress Management

by : abs9360

Making decisions is never easy, especially when it comes to making those big decisions that can potentially change ones life. A bad decision can cause alot of stress while good decisions can help you manage your stress.

This is why before making a decision, a person must put a lot of thought into it. This means carefully examining and assessing the situation, as well as contemplating the pros & cons, and possible consequences of the decisions about to be made.

Here are some tips on excellent decision-making:

1. Assess first if the decision you are about to make would be the right one for you. This means assessing your needs, and really finding out the reason why you are making this decision in the first place.

For example, if the decision you are about to make concerns the college of their choice, you must ask yourself these questions: Are you being influenced by family and friends? Is peer pressure becoming an issue? What about the issue of money? Are you being practical about the decision you are about to make, or are you possibly setting yourself up for failure, by making an evidently impractical decision?

2. Study your options. When making a decision that implies a choice, you should look into your options - whether this involves a decision in regards to purchasing a new house, vacation destination, or a university of choice. Individuals should take the time to study, research, and evaluate all of their options. This way, they can limit their alternatives to that one choice that would be just the right one for them.

3. People who need serious help when it comes to decision-making can make use of decision-making seminars, sessions, and training. Many organizations offer individuals the chance to improve their decision-making skills by attending their programs. Those who feel the need for such help should do some research in the internet for the local listings of these courses that are held within their vicinity.

4. Plan big decisions ahead of time. Do not leave everything to the last minute, because this is a sure recipe for disaster. Planning ahead of time will give you enough time to prepare for the contingencies. It never hurts to have a plan B, in case your original plan does not work out.

Also, planning buys you time. For example those individuals who are planning to get a new car, should first do some research. They must give themselves some time to go to different dealerships to compare prices, and check out what types of offers are available out there. This way, they would be able to land the best deal possible. Remember, the best decisions are not rushed. They are carefully thought out and made through careful planning.

5. Make a list of pros and cons. This sounds a bit old fashion, but it is a time-tested method that will aid you in making the best decisions. Coming up with a list will give you a visual representation of your thoughts. This will also help you set priorities in order by writing a list of your preferences, goals, and needs. On the other hand, this would also allow you the opportunity to evaluate the downside to the potential choices you are about to make.

Making a decision can sometimes be very difficult, but it has to be done! The best way to go about this is to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to think about it first. If possible, seek out the counsel of friends and family.

But in the end, all people have to make their own decision. This is why individuals have to be wise, and give themselves the opportunity to make the best possible decisions!