When Is Next New Shipment Of Nintendo Wii

by : karinmanning

Nintendo has finally unleashed the latest console they call Nintendo Wii. Since its launching date on November 14, 2006, the game system has sold over a million units to become the fast-selling video game system to date showcasing state-of-the-art and unprecedented controls. Also on the same day, Nintendo confirmed the quantity of Wii units to be distributed to retailers worldwide.

The Wii bundle package includes the console, sensor bar, Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Wii Sports, Wii Console Stand, Wii AC Adapter, and Wii AV Cable. Other accessories that are separately sold are the classic controller, an extra Wii remote, and an extra Nunchuk.

The Nintendo Wii console received huge acclaim when it was first displayed in public during the E3 2006 and received the Best of Show award. The Nintendo Wii console is the smallest console among the generation X consoles weighing only 2 pounds, with dimensions 8.5 inches long, 6.5 wide, and less than 2 inches thick.

On top of that, Nintendo has gained quite a success with this new game system and they might reach their goal of expanding to a broader spectrum of audiences. Nintendo Wii showed remarkable sales especially in the UK, Japan, and U.S.

Nintendo has yet to reveal the next shipment of Nintendo Wii game system but confirmed that shipment will continue until March 31, 2007 when six millions units are targeted for distribution.

There is still no news as to the next shipment of Nintendo Wii in Japan and elsewhere but it seems that six million units of Nintendo Wii would not suffice for the gaming audiences who are catching up with the Nintendo Wii craze. In Europe, the initial shipment of Nintendo Wii's was sold out for a total of 325,000 units sold in merely two days.

Nintendo Wii is also the fastest-selling console in the UK ever selling 50,000 Wiis in 12 hours after its release date. There is a big uncertainty as to the next shipment of Nintendo Wii.

In Japan, the Wii expectedly had a short launching since Wii consoles were sold out so quickly since it touched Japanese markets a couple weeks after the North American launching. This makes an estimated total of 400,000 consoles sold within a day! During the North American launching, 600,000 consoles were sold making a total of over one million consoles sold in barely two weeks.

For the next shipment of Nintendo Wii? Just tune yourself to the next update because Nintendo Wiis are selling like hotcakes.