Have You Find What You Are Looking For?

by : wolney

I do have a hobby: to see film at the weekend. By the way, to see films every day, if it can be possible. I face films as a sort of modern histories, as my grandfather histories, but in another way. When I was a child I used to listen my mother and my father tell us about what they and their family used to do at night, when they were children too. They used to listen to histories.

I think films are cultures practices that remember those experiences. People congregate in an appropriate place, the movie, to hear and to see histories.

But one good thing I prefer is to compare or to take cinematographic histories to think on the life. Cars, a film directed by John Lasseter, has a special history to think, specially who use to ask yourself about goals, what are looking for at life, and others sorts of directive questions.

Cars tell us the history of the Lightning MacQueen car, a race car looking for the Piston Cup, at the final race of the season. The Lightning considers himself as a man show, which does not need a crew chief or a team. He just works alone. However, it makes him alone, without friends. Everybody near him seems a kind of a partner, so different of a friend.

No friends, no girlfriend, no one to have a good talk. But then, an accident took him to Radiator Springs, a small town where a very famous race car means nothing. Who was or considered himself a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics is faced to face of a new stile of life.

Radiator Springs was where the Lightning MacQueen would learn what means a good team. He would find Mater, a real friend. And there he got a real love.

What cars take us to think? It has many things to think about. But I choose here to think about a crew. How important is a team to our life?

I think it is important to all way of life. It is important to make Friends, partners, to leave with parents, fellow workers, in summary, all the social relationships.

The point is: how to build a good team? The Lightning MacQueen discovered it was not being a man show anymore. And he got that was not looking for someone to help him. He discovered that help people by himself was helpful to make new friends.

I am filled with tears of ecstasy for this is the most glorious day of my life! It was a phrase of one of his new friend when he got MacQueen helps, just having new costumers from MacQueen indicated.

What are you looking for your life? Have you think about that?