Toys To Encourage Kids To Love Science

by : teahupoo

If you want your child to have a love for learning which lasts a lifetime, you should start encouraging them early. Kids have a natural tendency to want to explore their environment and discover the world around them. A great way to instille a love for learning and an interest in science, one of the best things you can do for you child is get them a science toy. There are a number of science toys out there designed to provoke your child's interest in learning and give them a better understanding of their environment.

One of the most popular science toys for children is the chemistry set. Chemistry sets range in price from around $20 to upwards of $200. As you can tell from such a price range, there is a wide variety of options when buying a chemistry set. The difference in price is usually due to the amount of equipment and chemicals included with the set. Many parents are concerned with their child's safety when experimenting with chemicals. As with most activities, a child should be supervised while playing with a chemistry set, but the chances of them blowing up the house or even seriously injuring themselves are pretty slim. Another concern parents have with chemistry sets is what to do when the chemicals are depleted. Again, this isn't a big deal because most sets come with catalogs from which you can restock the set for a reasonable price. You can also order refills online.

Another popular science toy is the ant farm. Who didn't have one of these when they were a kid? What you probably didn't know is that they have a more scientific-sounding name: formicarium. "Ant farm" is, in fact, a trademarked name owned by Uncle Milton Industries. Ant farms are highly educational and fun. Kits never come with ants. They instruct you to either collect some from around the house or you can have a small tube of them delivered to your house. Most come with some sort of sand or soil in which the ants build their tunnels. Newer models, though, come with a thick gel which the ants not only burrow through but they can also eat it.

A third toy which will encourage your child's interest in science is the microscope. Children can learn a great deal about the natural world with a microscope. There are a plethora of microscopes on today's market. The sky's the limit when it comes to pricing on these instruments, but they can also be found at very reasonable costs. You can buy a good microscope for around $40. Spending less will get your a pretty shoddy instrument. And if you want nothing but the best for your child then you can easily spend in excess of $700! Kids can find things all over the place to look at under a microscope and you can also buy them prepared slides. A set of 10 such slides will cost about $20 and have things to look at like bacteria, a sliver of leaf, and animal skin.

Recent news reports have stated that there aren't enough scientists being produced in America. Maybe your kid will be the next Einstein. It's got to be someone, right? Why not your kid? Encourage learning and an interest in science by giving your child a science toy.