Things You Need To Know in Group Hunting

by : rhusain

There are times when an un-experienced group of hunters go for hunting, they are making unnecessary shoot, which caused the deer to be alarmed and destroy the perfect setup for hunting. In this article you will learn that when the hunters go for group hunting, they must learn not to alarm the deer.

I had only covered about half the necessary distance when I heard a series of rifle shots that sounded like the start of a small war. At least fifteen shots were fired in the initial fusillade and after a few minutes another series of eight or ten shots. It didn't seem possible that deer could be the target for all of this shooting unless they had been caught in the open and I knew there was a large field about where the shooting seemed to be located. When I came to the opening, I expected to see dead deer all over the place, yet all that was there were tracks of the three men heading in a straight line across the five hundred yards of open country towards a small pine-covered knoll at the edge of the opposite woods.

Tracks and an occasional empty shell in the snow showed where the men had first sighted the deer and opened up at a range of about five hundred yards. The only gun in the party which was capable of throwing a bullet that distance with any chance of a hit was a .30/30, and with such a gun equipped with open sights, and sighted in for two hundred yards or less, any fatal hit would be the result of an accident. As it was, the initial shooting failed to drive the deer to cover and they permitted the men to approach to a point about two hundred yards nearer and to fire the other eight or ten shots that finally caused the deer to take cover in the woods.

When I came to the place where the last shooting had occurred, I decided that no deer had been killed and, since all of the others had apparently gone into the woods leaving all of the crossings open, that it was up to me to take all possible advantage of the situation. I would not have time to reach the crossing to the north in case the deer decided to use that route, so I headed for the nearer to the south. The contour of the land was such that I was able to approach without being seen to a point which was about seventy-five yards from the place where this trail emerged from the woods.

Sometimes when a group of hunters go for hunting, they are failed to get their target, this is because those hunters have no ideas on when to shoot and how to shoot the deer. Hunting progress can fail if hunters are not well equipped and had not reached the distance from where they are supposed to shoot the deer