How To Turn Your Candle Making Hobby Into A Profitable Business

by : teahupoo

If you are the type of person who enjoys making their own candles and your family and friends are always telling you how great your creations are, you may want to think about turning your hobby into a business. If you think you may want to give it a try here are some helpful tips to get you started.

When you are making candles as a hobby you probably give no thought to the actual cost per unit for each of the candles that you make since you are making them for yourself and not for profit. However, when making candles as a business this can be the determining factor between whether you candle making business is profitable or not.

Since you will more than likely get you supplies in bulk you want to calculate the cost per ounce of the ingredients you use to make your candles including the paraffin, acid, color, and scents. Calculate the amount of each ingredient you use per candle and multiply that by the cost per ounce which will give you a basic per candle cost factor to go by.

If you make specialty candles that contain additional scents or you add accessories such as bows, ribbons, and containers be sure to add the cost of these items in as well as the price of the candlewick. When pricing a good rule of thumb is to make them triple what they cost you to make at a minimum. Be sure to buy your supplies in larger bulk quantities to get the best prices and ask for shipping discounts on large shipments.

In order to get started quickly and build a loyal local following you should contact some specialty shops in your area and see if you can get them to carry your line of candles. Be very humble and open and try not to come off as a salesperson. Always offer them free samples and be prepared with professionally made business cards and brochures so that it gives a professional appearance and not like someone who is making candles in their bathtub. One way to get them to take them may be to offer them on consignment at first as this takes the risk off of them.

If you know that a particular type of candle is popular in your area you may want to consider specializing in that theme. In some communities country style candles may be popular and in others tropical or beach themes may do better. If you can identify this in the beginning it will help you to be successful much faster by giving the market what they want. You can also create specific holiday lines and even make them collectible by adding the date for that year.

Always leave an opening in your packaging that allows the scent of your candles to be enjoyed. This is one of the best selling features that many candle makers overlook. I know I always pick up a candle and smell it before buying and most others I know do the same.