The New Revival Of Interest In Cigars

by : teahupoo

Staring in the mid 1990's a number of cultural phenomena caused an explosion of the popularity of cigars in the United States. Lavish dinner events were being held in nearly every consequential metropolitan area in the United States. Attendees included celebrities, radio and talk show hosts, politicians, and even a surprisingly large number of women! As we moved into the 21st century the love of cigars has continued to grow more popular and high profile people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor turned governor of California have helped to enhance the growth.

This enormous increase in demand for cigars has its downside in the fact that it has been difficult to provide the supply needed. This situation has really awakened people to how significant President Kennedy's ban of Cuban Cigars with the trade embargo he signed in 1962, before many of today's cigar aficionados were born really is. Incidentally, President Kennedy made sure that he was delivered 1,000 fine Cuban cigars before he signed the executive order authorizing the embargo.

As usual with issues of supply and demand, this created a huge price gouging issue with many cigar retailers, most of which were new establishments looking to take advantage of the skyrocketing interest in cigars. These sellers were virtually naming their price on any and every type of cigar and getting it. A lot of these cigar dealers were even refusing to allow a customer to buy an entire box so that they could have them on hand for other clients.

In the rush to try to meet the demand, the quality of many premium cigars suffered for brief periods of time. Eventually, consumer demand was so far ahead of supply that many of those who had begun smoking fine cigars had to cease the practice altogether. For many, this was mainly due to either lack of supply or outrageous prices. For others, the newness of the fad had simply worn off. As of today, cigar prices have returned to acceptable levels, and supply of the best brands is abundant for those who continue to enjoy cigar smoking, even in the face of public scrutiny and disapproval.