Night Fishing for Speckled Trout

by : tnt7973

Night fishing for speckled trout has become my favorite saltwater fishing tactics. Start off the morning waiting at home or at work for sunset, load up the truck with my heavy-duty night light, rod and reel, lure box and head off to my secret fishing spot were it's only me and 100's of speckled trout to be caught. Speckled trout night fishing is easy for youngsters to start getting in love with saltwater fishing at night. I would suggest that the first outing would be some were private. I have seen many things happen at night on a fishing pier, mostly kids getting hooked in the face or knocked down by a fisherman not looking where he was going.

Speckled trout at night can act so different at times when night fishing. They can be 2 feet below the water having a feeding frenzy or they can be on top of the water as if it were an underwater firework display. I have 3 lures that I absolute love to use when fishing for speckled trout at night.

1. Glass minnows
2. Speck Rigs
3. Crystal Minnow plug

Usually I use the glass minnows tandem rigged (two of the same lures used at once) when the trout are real active at night. The lures are good to me because they match what the trout are feeding on at night, and they are small and can be worked reeeeeealllllly slow. This will make them want it even more. When I take my own light it is ran on a tripod stand with a 1000 watt generator with a strong stage spot light. This makes a perfect fishing experience for night fishing for speckled trout.