Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Consider Collecting Civil War Bullets As A Hobby

by : teahupoo

The Civil War still holds a great deal of fascination for the people of America. It caused brother to fight against brother, the freedom of slaves and totally restructured the government. Because of this continuing fascination, there are groups that reenact the war, wearing copies of the uniform and performing mock battles with other enthusiasts in the Southeast. Collecting relics from that era is a popular hobby.

Some people collect old firearms while others may collect bullet molds. One of the items in demand is Civil War Bullets. The bullets prior to this era were very different than the bullets of today. It was during the Civil war that bullets began to change shapes and size. The soldier back then used bullets that were .58 caliber and they had three rings around their base. If you have an interest in the Civil War, consider Civil War Bullet collecting as a hobby.

Where to Find Civil War Bullets

One place to find these historical artifacts is on the Internet. Before you buy them, it's best to invest in a good price guide. Collecting the bullets has become very popular and the prices have increased accordingly. Not all bullets are as valuable as others, so it's a good to have a source of reference to make sure that you are getting your money's worth. You might even get lucky and find a seller who may not know how much his merchandise is worth and be able to buy it at a great price.

A fun way to collect the bullets is to go to the actual fields of battle and start digging. This not only may net you some of the coveted items, but lends a rich sense of history as well. When you go, bring a metal detector with you. In addition to bullets, you might get lucky enough to find other valuable relics, gun parts, belt buckles or the buttons from uniforms that the soldiers wore.

You might have to dig deeply for these items but if you find them, it's worth the effort. It's important to make sure that you get permission from the owners of the fields before you start digging and find out if they have special rules. Be polite and refill the holes that you dig. Some battlefields are protected and prospecting on them is prohibited. Be sure that the one you're investigating isn't one of the protected ones.

There is a lot of controversy about searching for relics on the old battlefields. Some people consider it to be disrespectful to the soldiers who gave up their lives there. On the same token, without a further exploration of these areas, we may never have known as much about the war and where it was fought, as we do now. History is built on exploration and the knowledge that it brings the world is priceless.