5 Important Elements of Photo Restoration and Repair

by : alexdenver

Photographs are a great way to retain those special memories; wedding, anniversary, birth, family or friends reunion. Sometimes however, those precious memories are damaged or degrade over time.

With the changing face of technology, damaged or faded images can also be brought back to life with careful digital image retouching, restoration and repair.

The main elements of photo restoration and photo touchup include the following:
1.Photo Editing
2.Photo Retouching: With photo retouching, one can enhance old photographs by removing unwanted elements from the background and adding vibrant colors to the background.
3.Photo Refinement
4.Removal of Unwanted People or Objects: Unwanted people or elements can be removed from the background or foreground.
5.Photo Manipulation: It is the process of manipulating the photograph either by adding or removing elements, people or objects.
6.Photo Masking
7.Photo Colorization: As the name implies, the technique of adding colors to the photographs is known as photo colorization.

From the removal of scars and blemishes to the addition or deletion of a new background, an image can be transformed into a work of art.

All retouching is done to a copy of the original file of your photograph. Once the retouching work is complete, you can have as many prints made from the photograph as you want.

Some basic retouching and restoration techniques involve the following:
1.Removal of skin imperfections, blemishes, etc.
2.Body contouring
3.Background removal
4.Photo colorization
5.Watercolor effects
6.Photo artistic retouching
7.Face touchup
8.Aging reduction
9.Stray hair correction
10.Eyeglass glare removal
11.Red eye removal
12.Skin tone improvement
13.And much more

Almost all the magazines, which showcase either celebrities or designer collections, undergo a major retouching process. Not just magazines but other advertising channels, including brochures, exhibitions, and websites, newsletters and fashion magazines make use of photo correction services.

How many times have you told yourself that your wedding pictures will be clicked by a very famous photographer? Maybe a thousand times! But, remember that wedding photographs are also enhanced digitally.