Making Postage Stamps from Your Digital Photos is Easy

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Making your own personalized photo stamps is an easy way to add a special touch to your holiday cards, wedding invitations, birth or graduation announcements, and any other special occasion you can think of.

How to Create Personalized Photo Stamps
Some people think customizing photo stamps is complicated, or that they aren't legal postage, but they couldn't be easier to create. And yes, they are valid U.S. Postage. To design your stamp, just upload your digital image to a photo stamp site. There are several; just do an internet search for "photo stamps." Once you've uploaded your photo, you can crop or edit it and add a colorful border. Then choose the value of postage you need and place your order.

Photo stamps are printed on sheets of high-quality self-adhesive paper, typically 20 to a sheet. You can specify the amount of postage for the stamps, from postcards to first class letter rates, as well as priority mail rates. In addition to the face amount of postage, you will pay a service fee based on the number of stamps you order. Generally the more photo stamps you order, the better the price.

What Can You Put on a Stamp?
You can put almost anything (within good taste) on a stamp. Images are reviewed before printing, so be sure to read the website's photo content policy to make sure you're in compliance.

Fun Photo Stamp Ideas:

Holiday stamps - A photo of your kids in Halloween costume, your own stamp to commemorate Christmas, Valentine's Day or other holidays.

Weddings - Put a photo of you and your spouse-to-be on your save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, RSVP cards or thank-you notes. They also make unique bridesmaid and attendant gifts.

Baby Announcements - Show off your newborn with his or her own stamp. These are great for birth announcements or first birthday party invitations.

Special Occasions - Birthday and anniversary parties, graduations, family reunions, thank-you notes, etc.

Family - Create your stamp using a vacation picture or a family photo.

Original Art - Show off your artistic talent with a stamp of your own art or illustration, nature or landscape photo.

Pets - Commemorate your four-legged friend, feathered friend, or your goldfish with its own stamp.

Business - Photo stamps are also creative marketing tools for businesses. Companies can create special stamps for new product rollouts, business logos, product photos, and promotional advertising.

Hobbies - you can get stamps with the logo of your favorite NFL team or put your favorite car or truck on a stamp.