5 Common Digital Camera Users Mistakes

by : joshuap

With so much misinformation that camera manufacturers have given to buyers, it caused many users to buy too much or inappropriate cameras. Here are some common misconceptions that buyers and users of digital cameras have.

The Mega Pixel Myth

The common belief is that the more pixels the better as you need to have greater and larger resolutions. But really, the question is "Do you really need it?" If you plan to put your pictures on the internet for people to view or email to your friends, resolutions of 640 X 480 is more than enough. You really only need higher resolutions if you are a professional photographer or want to print out your shots. There is a general rule for best print results that states that you need a resolution of 300 X 300 per square inch. This means that for a typical 4R photo, you would need to have a picture taken at 1200 X 1800.

Which Zoom To Use

Some compact cameras described as having "3x optical/4x digital zoom, 12x total zoom power!" While an optical zoom will appear to bring distant objects impressively close, digital zoom simply enlarges a section of the image. It's like making a big blow up print, then cropping it down.

The problem is that while digital zoom enlarges the image, it also enlarges the pixels, and you end up with a low resolution image when you shoot with your camera on "digital zoom" mode. You will not notice the poorer quality in your camera's LCD screen, but it will be obvious on prints. If you want a zoom lens, look at the camera's optical zoom specs, and ignore the digital zoom numbers.

I Do Not Need To Buy Spare Batteries

Once you have a digital camera, you will tend to shoot right away and view it immediately. The LCD tends to consume much power. If you are using the video mode, the power consumption is even greater. It will be best to have an extra set of batteries with you.

My Image Editing Software Can Make Great Pictures

Yes, we all know that Photoshop and other similar image editing programs are wonderful things. But it's always best to start off with the most accurately exposed image in the first place. Remember, no photo editor can create a great picture from scratch. Why not learn to shoot great pictures and you do not have to spend more time trying to tweak the results. If you feel you must work on an image on your computer, work on a copy and not on the original.

Printing At Home Can Save Me Money

Not really true any more depending on how many you want to print. Home printing has many benefits, including instant feedback and control over the final results. A typical inkjet or dye sub home made 4x6 print costs around 50 cents per sheet. If you shop around, you will find online print deals for much less. And you don't even have to buy a printer.