Organize Your Photos With Google Picasa

by : wood128

Soon after you get your new digital camera, you discover you need help!

No, not help taking pictures, help in organizing all of them. Before you know it, your hard drive is overflowing with pictures with file names like xsl2000001.jpg. Not exactly making it easy to find a picture again and it can quickly get very frustrating just trying to find a particular photo. You may even have gotten some software that came with your camera, but sadly are finding it cumbersome and difficult to use.

A really nice way to organize all your pictures is with a program from Google called Picasa. It will sort all your photos by date in just a blink! This program is really user friendly. You can:

1)Move the photos by just dragging and dropping into the folder where you want it
2)Easily rename a photo
3)Use labels to tag your photos into quick groupings within Picasa
4)Give a gold star to any photo you love (even search on the gold stars)
5)Password protect any of your Picasa photo collections to keep them private

These three features of Picasa make it a real powerhouse for a photographer:

1) Find
It automatically finds and organizes your pictures into folders by date, and with names you can recognize, and it does this instantly when you open the program. You are going to love this because it saves you so much time "hunting" for your photos.

2) Edit
It has built in advanced editing features like simple one-click fixes to common photo problems (like red eye), and twelve interesting built-in photo effects.

3) Share
It gives you lots of ways to share your photos. You can email them (use the compression feature to make them a size easier to use on the web), print them with your inkjet photo printer on photo paper, and you can also make CD collections to give as gifts to family and friends. Amazingly, you can upload your photos to the Internet with just one click! Are you itching to try great effects like a slide show that you can put music to? This will do it.

With all these user-friendly expanded features, you would expect this program to be available with a hefty price tag. Nope. It is part of the smorgasbord of FREE products available from Google.

The weekly idea that I like to share with you is:

Organize your photo with Google Picasa!