First Time Buying A Digital Camera Guide

by : joshuap

If it's your first purchase of a digital camera can be a intimidating task for a beginner. You may be glad to use some advice. The range of prices and different features available for different digital cameras varies. This information can be quite confusing initially. For the moment, ignore them first.

Decide on your budget and the features you really want. If cost is an important factor, you can always buy a simple compact camera and get a second camera when you have the budget.

If you are buying a digital camera just to take on holiday and you only want to take basic snaps, a small, light camera is ideal as it will be easy to move around with when traveling. These smaller cameras have improved their quality recently, with better resolution and bigger zoom facilities.

It's advisable when buying a digital camera to compare prices and special offers. Some cameras come as part of a package along with accessories. If you want all the extras, it may be a good deal for you. Buying the camera bags and tripods together as a package may give you a better deal as you can bargain with the shop owner.

You should think about what type of zoom facility you want, when buying a digital camera. The choice is between optical and digital. The consensus of opinion seems to be that it's easier to get good, clear resolution from an optical zoom. Use only digital zoom only when it is necessary.

The most annoying thing about any gadget is the battery life and power consumption. Buying a digital camera requires deciding on your battery needs. Some cameras are sold with their own batteries, but you may want to invest in rechargeable batteries and it is not really expensive. It really depends on how often you intend to use your camera.

One of the benefits of purchasing a digital camera is the preview screen picture, as you can see your picture straight away. Some cameras have refined the features on this and enable you to also zoom in on a magnified image on the screen.

Most digital cameras have video mode. This can make buying digital camera lots of fun, especially if you want to film sports or even the family having fun at the water park.

You may want a sound commentary with your camera. Buying a digital camera can include a microphone, which you can use for your still images or moving images. It's a good idea if you want an audible account of an important occasion.

Another consideration when purchasing a digital camera is to consider the conditions you may want to photograph in such as night shooting or bad weather. If you don't mind spending a bit more, some cameras have features for taking good pictures at night and you can get lens covers to protect against inclement weather. Buying a digital camera for shooting in all weathers may mean buying a weatherproof camera.