Low Cost Digital Photo Printing

by : marclindsay

If you've gone out and bought yourself a mini home lab with printing, ink, and photo paper then you won't be find a low cost digital printing. A home printing lab is very costly to setup and maintain.

What you should be doing is some research on the internet to find the best place to print photos online. Printing digital photos online is not as hard as you think. Due to high competition in this industry you'll find places that compete with each other. Some places go as low as $0.09 a print! That's almost the same cost as printing a black and white photo from home.

Most of the top online photo printing websites come with the facility to upload and edit your photos so you can do it from anywhere. Your home, office, friend's house, caf? and where you can find an internet connection. You can also have them delivered to your door step with a very small fee. If you look around I'm sure some places will offer free shipping if you spend above their limit.

Some photo facilities will allow you to:
? Change the contrast and brightness
? Manipulate colour saturation
? Crop and resize images
? Red eye reduction
? Lens filters like Polarizers, Haze & Black & White

When selecting an online digital photo printing website you should do some research. Try searching the internet for the company name and see if you can find any reviews or articles about them. If you can than it must mean that they have a good reputation based on the articles. You want to also find out if they can also print on T-Shirts, mugs, calendars. This will help you in the future if you want to print of a mug as a gift for someone.

After you've found a couple of sites to compare you'll want to do further research on their costs, bonuses , and bulk printing. You'll find that each website will generate different print results and some of the really cheap places may charge you half the price but half the price does not make up for quality. So if you manage to find a reputable website but you have to pay an extra 2 cents more pre print, you should consider doing so because getting it from a respectable place is worth it. Nothing can make up for a bad print.

Here's what you do before you print. Try printing around 10 photos and see how they turn out. If they are great and better than you expected, go for it. If not at least you know you won't be printing from there again.