Repeatable Gifts - Give the Same Thing Again and Again

by : garyr65

Have you ever wanted to give the same gift twice? To not have to think of new ideas each year? There are gifts you can safely give multiple times to the same people and they will be extremely happy each time.

For collectors you simply need to find out what they need for their collection and get it for them. Now for some collections this might be expensive, but there is usually a low cost alternative. Starting off a collection for someone can be a great idea. For a child you could start with stamps. A large number of foreign stamps along with an album may start a life-long hobby. You may want to check with the parents before starting a collection that may prove expensive. For teenagers you could try a charm bracelet that can be added to each year. You could buy a jacket with patches that you can add to. For sports fans try sporting memorabilia. For those that like ornaments and small decorative objects you could purchase tea-spoons, thimbles, paperweights and the like.

Magazine subscriptions are a good bet for a repeatable gift. These can be given each year and provide interest throughout the year. Depending on the type of publication you may even be able to tell yourself that you are making a positive contribution to their life. Browse a store selling magazines or try the internet for ideas. There are many to choose from including National Geographic, Readers Digest and more specialist magazines.

There are many items that are published yearly that can be given as repeatable gifts. Consider diaries and address books for example. These can be purchased in all sorts of price ranges. If the person has a paper personal organizer then consider buying the refills. Not very exciting, but extremely practical. Some organizations and charities produce this sort of item. You can buy from one that they support. Calendars are especially good as a low cost gift. Calendars showing particular places or themes are very popular. Many TV shows, films and famous people have their own calendars that may be of interest.

Consumables are often given repeatedly. Especially her favorite perfume, or his favorite aftershave. You will need to be careful if buying this sort of gift as the choices of a scent is often very personal and you would not want your gift to languish in the bathroom cupboard. Many companies produce gift baskets and presentation sets with bath products and the like. You could consider giving basic skin care products to a man or woman. You may need to enclose an appropriate note to make sure that they do not get the wrong message!

How about giving the recipient something they have never had before? How about an unusual or luxury type of food or drink? There are presentation sets available for all sorts of different food items such as preserves, fruits, meats and cheese. The same is true for alcohol where you could decide to buy a selection of fruit liqueurs for example. Obviously you could also buy one large item. If the recipient is in a foreign country then consider sending there favorite food from home. You may need to use a specialist company to do this. There is always the choice of chocolates and candies. There are now specialist suppliers that provide many varied and interesting different types of chocolate including chilli-chocolate and 100% cocoa chocolate.

If you want to give a surprising gift then there are gift vouchers available for air flights and holidays. More mundane gift vouchers are available for use in particular shops or malls. There are gift schemes on the internet for companies such as iTunes and Amazon. Gift vouchers and certificates are not as exciting as a well chosen gift. However, they do ensure that the recipient will get something that they want (and you can give them multiple times).

You will usually want to warn the person that this will be an annual or regular gift. You should check if this is OK. They may be able to suggest a more appropriate repeatable gift themselves, such as a different magazine. Giving repeatable gifts frees up you mind to think of ideas for those people who are really difficult to choose gifts for.