A Classical Pocketwatch - Nothing But Sophistication!

by : susan

You may call be old fashioned but I just can't help admiring the look of a classical pocketwatch. I mean, this style of watch has been around since the early 1500's, some even say the 1400's. Obviously most of the watches that you see these days don't date back to then but they re still as classic in design. If you are not sure what a pocketwatch is then let me explain.

It is a clock face that usually has a hinged cover and is connected to a chain. This chain is then connected to either a button on your shirt or jacket and then the watch itself sits in a pocket. Very old fashioned but very sophisticated as well. I suppose you could say that nurses use these types of watches as theirs are also on a chain that is usually pinned to their shirt or pocket. This style of watch is used for a very good reason as they can read the time whilst still using both hands for other things.

You can buy a pocketwatch in gold or silver, which obviously will be more expensive than cheaper materials. It all depends on what you can afford. Many people collect these timepieces along with other antiques. If you just like the look of watches such as these then you will be able to find one to suit yourself just about anywhere. Jewelers will have them of course but you will be able to find them in many large department stores where watches are sold.

A pocketwatch is a great gift idea and even more so if it has been engraved. Many jewelers will even do the engraving for free. You have the option of buying a watch like this in many different designs as well. If you are a train enthusiast then you can find one with a train design. There are Disney ones such as Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse or you may prefer a Harry Potter version, the list goes on. And if you want something really different then you can even get musical ones!

And if you are visually impaired and need to read a braille timepiece then you will not be left out either. You too can own a sophisticated classical style by buying a braille pocket watch. These too will come in gold or silver as well as cheaper materials.

This style of timepiece is not for every body as wristwatches are the more popular these day especially for women but there are also pocketwatches made particularly for women that are also very fashionable. Some people prefer to wear a wrist option but like to have a pocket option for special occasions. This is a great idea for the fashion conscious in particular.