Nobody Wants To Hear Your Cell Phone Conversation

by : teahupoo

Do you care that the person on the bus, two seats in front of you just got dumped by the meanest guy ever and now she can't find an open ice cream store?Probably not.

When used wisely, cell phones are a great invention. However, more than half of the American public declares the worst thing about cell phone habit is the loud conversations in public areas. It is a well known fact that sending emails in all caps is not polite. When will it happen that using your cell phone in ways other people don't have to deal with is polite? Until that day arrives, common sense cell phone etiquette must be followed.

It is dangerous and an annoyance to be on your cell phone while browsing stores, waiting to cash your paycheck or pay the cable bill. If your phone should ring while at one of these places, be sure you have a quiet ring that anyone within twenty feet of you can not hear. If you choose to pick up that ringing phone, take it outside and then take it away from others outside. The person on the other end of the conversation should understand your etiquette goal and wait for you to find an appropriate place to talk. If your phone rang in a publicly accepted quite area, a waiting room or other place that others can not simply get up and leave; do not answer. Once your appointment is finished then step outside to return the call.

If you are already in a serious conversation with someone face to face such as a meeting or judicial situation, do not answer the phone. Again, when the meeting breaks, take the call outdoors.

If you must use your cell phone in a public area, use it quietly and quickly. Alert your caller you are in a public area or driving. This prevents your caller from getting upset if you suddenly are not able to participate in conversation. Always respect areas that request no cellular phone usage. Often places such as libraries and offices employee this request.

To pass by this request, text messaging is often used. Though typically less distracting to others, some guidelines ought to be followed while texting. Before you even leave your house, check if your phone makes sound when the buttons are pressed. Many times this is a default option that can be easily switched off. Secondly, select the option that allows messages to be sent and received with no noise. Often a vibration can be selected as the alert tone. While you are texting, refrain from talking or laughing loudly to yourself concerning text responses, as this defeats the purpose of texting a message.

A cell phone can be a life saving tool, literally in a car accident or emotionally after a hard situation. However, like most valuable tools they must be used with caution and consideration.