Cell Phone Records - So Who Have You Been Calling...?

by : apmehta

More often than not, your cellular phone service provider has copies of the cellphone records of all their subscribers. Cellular phone records contain all the calls an individual has made during a particular span of time. This includes the phone or mobile number called, the time the call was made, the duration of the call, and any accompanying charges for each call made.

Other mobile phone documents even reveal the following:

* a list of incoming calls and their numbers;
* the location of calls made and received;
* the number of text messages sent;
* the number of international calls placed; and
* any extra monthly charges on the cell phone.

For postpaid plan subscribers, getting cellphone records for every billing cycle is important to pay for your monthly charges promptly and to retain the service. If mobile phone records come erratically, you should file a complaint since you are entitled to know what you are paying for every month. More importantly, you should examine your cellular phone statements to ensure that all of the charges are 100% accurate.

Cell phone Records - Practicing Online Safety

Cellular phone records are directly mailed to an address that is provided by the subscriber and are supposed to be strictly confidential. Recently, however, cell phone service providers are encouraging more of their subscribers to set up an online account.

With companies offering mobile phone statements online, you will not have to wait every month for your billing statement to be mailed to your home or office. In fact, you can check your cell phone records any time during the month, wherever there is a computer and an Internet connection. This will help you to track your cell phone usage throughout the month and determine the number of free minutes that you have left.

However, there are some risks to obtaining mobile phone documents online since there have been instances where other people have posed as account holders to get the information. They may call the cell phone service provider requesting for an address change to get the cell phone statements or they may find a way to activate your online account for the same purpose.

There are also a number of third party companies on the Internet that are selling cellular phone records but you must learn to be wary of these. Keep in mind that cellphone records need to be ordered directly from the cell phone service provider.

Despite any potential danger, accessing mobile phone statements online is undeniable convenient. It's really up to you to secure your information and you can do this by...

* immediately changing the temporary password that your cell phone service provider has given;
* coming up with a difficult password (preferably alpha-numeric) that you have picked randomly (i.e., one that is not obviously related to you such as your birth date or anniversary date);
* not divulging your password to anybody else!

Mobile phone records are part of your entitlements as a cell phone service subscriber but you also need to be an intelligent consumer. Identity fraud is on the rise but if you keep your records secure and scrutinize your cell phone statements for any anomalous entries all the time, then you will not be a victim.