Using PDA Phones to Organize Your Life

by : teahupoo

Do you stress over trying to remember schedules and appointments? Do you need to be able to access the internet on the road for email or information? If, so you consider getting one of the new PDA cell phones that are now available. I personally own a Treo, the same one that Jack Bauer uses in the series, 24. It makes my life a lot easier and I am sure that you will have similar feelings.

The new PDA cell phones are hybrids of the PDA of the past combined with a cell phone and optional access to the internet. These devices are fast becoming a popular, must have accessory for young urban professionals as well as others in sales related industries such as insurance, financial planning, and real estate whose jobs require them to be out of the office quite a bit. These hybrid devices have now made it unnecessary to carry along two separate gadgets, combining the benefits of both a cellular phone and a personal organizer. The sheer convenience and mobility all rolled into one are the main reasons for the popularity PDA cell phones.

One of the things I like most is the ability to use my phone to store many phone numbers that can be easily and quickly accessed like having your own phonebook. Some of the newer devices have huge storage available in the device themselves that will hold hundreds of names. In addition, many also offer the ability to install an optional data card for even more storage. I have one of these for my phone because I use the camera option a lot and the images take up a lot of space, especially movies! Another cool thing is that you can synch your PDA to your PC or laptop and download any data such as pictures or notes from meetings to your main computer.

One of the best uses for these new devices is to use them for scheduling all of your meetings and appointments. With a built in timekeeper you can even set alarms to notify you ahead of time so that you don't miss anything. Now you never have to worry about forgetting an important date or missing an appointment.

Like all new technology the PDA cell phones are evolving all the time and becoming better and easier to use as well as lower in price. The latest Treo even uses Windows and Microsoft Office products to help you have a virtual office in the palm of your hand. Once you try one of these your life will never be the same.