Save Money With The Right Cellular Phone Plan

by : benjamin

In this day and age just about everyone has or needs to have a cell phone. Whether it's for keeping in touch with clients or for keeping tabs on the family, a cell phone has become one of the mainstays of modern society. Those who need one, but can't afford it will find there may be options available for them as well. Getting a good cell phone plan can mean the difference between bills that are affordable and those that break the bank.

No matter the kind of service that's selected, there are some commonalities among most major plans. These include:

* Set number of included minutes. These are the minutes the phone can be used during peak times without incurring an additional expense. Once they have been exceeded, per minute charges, which are typically high, come into play.

* Free periods for calls. Most package plans include free calling after a certain time at night. Find out what that time is and whether weekends are included, too. If possible take advantage of this to cut down on additional expenses.

* Free national calling. A lot of major plan carriers are now including this feature. This means there are no access fees for calling long distance. It also means if calls take place within the set minute range or during "free times," they cost nothing. What a great way to stay in touch with friends and family that are long distances away!

* Free or reduced international calling. Some plans offer this too, but they may come with a higher monthly premium. If a lot of calls are made out of the country, this option is worth looking into.

* Free incoming calls. This is a great one offered by a few different major players in the cell phone game. It's certainly a money saver, especially if you get a lot of incoming calls. It also takes the minute watching away, which is great if you use your phone for work calls.

* Pay as you go. This service is not offered by every carrier, but it's a wonderful option for those who want a phone, but can't get one otherwise. By paying in advance, you don't face any hidden or unexpected fees. If your time runs out, just recharge the minutes and you're good to go.

If you're looking into a cell phone, but can't decide if you need one, consider:

* They are lifesavers in an emergency. Help is only a call away from just about anywhere if a phone is carried.

* Work. Clients can get you when they need you, which can translate into money.

* Coordinating family life. In working families, moms and dads often need to stay in close touch to figure out who is picking up what or whom on the way home and when. While office phones work normally, traffic jams can throw monkey wrenches into the best laid plans. This is not so for those who carry phones and can contact each other quickly.

The reasons for most people wanting a cell phone are many, but unfortunately keeping track of the real prices can be difficult. There are a lot of different cell phone plan options out there. Shop smartly and set a reasonable budget.