Beautiful and Elegant Masonic Swords

by : diane01

Masonic swords beautifully engraved or etched with one or more. Masonic symbols and emblems hold great significance to members of the order of Freemasons (Masons). There are several different styles of Masonic swords, and each style can use different colored metals such as silver, gold, brass and bronze to form the blade, hilt, pommel and other parts of the sword.Each style of Masonic Sword can also bear several different engraved Masonic symbols and emblems, each symbol or emblem having its own significance in the Masonic world. Masonic swords often have colored inlays that also add to their visual appeal, and they are sometimes set with gems or jewels. Masonic daggers – shorter versions of Masonic swords with blades that are only 12 to 14 inches long – also exist, and these are also highly decorated with Masonic symbols such as the Compass and Square.

Masonic Swords are grounded in honor, history, and tradition:

Swords in general have traditionally and historically been viewed as instruments of might, justice, honor, integrity and truth. They have been used for thousands of years, not just as weapons, but also as symbolic instruments that indicate status. Because swords are so highly emblematic of so many different virtues, they are still worn for ceremonial purposes at various important events. Many of the values that swords symbolize are at the center of Freemasonry, and for this reason, Masons often wear Masonic swords during their ceremonies and rituals.

No one is certain about the specific origins of Freemasonry, but it is likely that the organization developed out of the stonemasons craft guilds that flourished during the Middle Ages. The Knights Templar, an organization of Christian knights that was formed during the Crusades to protect Christians during their pilgrimages to the Holy Land, probably had a large influence on early Masons. And that historical influence almost certainly continues even today. Swords are intimately associated with the purpose and history of the Knights Templar, and this association could very possibly be another reason for the symbolic, ceremonial importance of Masonic swords in Masonic rites, both past and present.

Masonic swords are beautiful, highly decorative and highly symbolic instruments that are worn by Masons during certain Freemason ceremonies and rituals. They are finely crafted symbols of pride in being a Mason and of their owners' status within the organization. They are symbols of the dedication of all Masons to justice, honor, integrity and truth - all of which are keystone principles in Freemasonry. Masonic swords are visual symbols of their bearers' level of achievement within Masonic society and structure, but they are much more than that. Masonic swords are symbols of Freemasonry's tradition of working to make the world a better place, and their bright blades reflect honor, history and tradition.