How Quality Shoes Are Made And The Materials Used To Make Them

by : teahupoo

Shoes are not merely meant for protection and utility. They have been a fascination and fashion statement from time immemorial and remain the oldest and most profitable business of the manufacturing industry. They are made of vinyl, leather, canvas, and even fiber or plastic.

Shoes can be mass produced or custom made. While the latter serves a very expensive and niche clientele, majority of the populace go for the mass produce as they are affordable as well as comfortable. Leather is still the first choice in shoes and they are derived from cows, pigs, snakes or even deer and elks. You can distinguish genuine leather from hybrid version with the differences in the softness, thickness and stretch features.

Most custom or handmade shoes are in demand for their unique styling and comfort. They are made according to your feet patterns and take into consideration your weight, height or disabilities if any. They are also durable with special maintenance instructions, which make them look new, even after years.

Shoes are designed and tailored in ways very similar to clothes. Following the design various parts of the shoe are then created and stitched into one single piece. This can be explained in three very basic and easy steps:

1.You can begin the process by attaching the Insole to the last and then start stitching the rest.

2.Concentrate on creating the various singular prices of the upper sections. Once they are done you can then attached them to the last and insole.

3.Once the Sole and the Upper sections have been successfully created, you can then complete the shoemaking process by attaching the sole to the upper.

Materials for uppers may vary from genuine leather of cows, sheep, alligators, and pigs, to fabrics like denims, cottons, fibers, canvas or polyesters fabrics.
If you are deliberating on which kind of shoe to buy you may want to experiment on a handmade custom product. They are more expensive but are always excellent value for money by being unique and long lasting.

To learn more about shoe making, you can pick up books from the local libraries. But the easiest way to know more is to do an Internet search by specific keywords.

Though most people opt for readily available shoes from branded or retail stores, the experience of one handmade shoe can change your whole outlook. But no assembly line production can beat the extraordinary comfort and design status of a painstakingly crafted custom made shoe.

If you ever get the chance to purchase a pair of hand made shoes you should definitely give them a try. You will find that the comfort of hand made shoes is absolutely irresistible.