How Stockings Enhance The Natural Beauty Of A Womans Legs

by : teahupoo

As women have evolved over the centuries to more independence and beauty their wardrobes have also changed. With shorter skirts and a vast amount of material and fabric stockings have also evolved. The word stockings have been used to describe socks; pantyhose and open thigh pantyhose held up by garter belts.

Over the last few years stockings held up by garters have been making a comeback. The main reason for this comes from women and their desire to feel and look beautiful even under their clothes. Stockings of today do just that, bringing a secret beauty underneath a women clothing.

Although it is believed that stockings have been around since approximately the early 1500s, many women today are experiencing them for the first time. Stockings were extremely popular in the 1920s but began fading out in the 1960s. The last two or three years have brought women's stockings back into style.
Modern businesswomen have begun wearing more and more skirts and dresses again and therefore been the first to bring the stockings back into style. Wanting to feel beautiful under stiff business wear women turned to lingerie and recently rediscovered the stockings. Although stockings are beautiful they are also much cooler to wear than full pantyhose, making them a perfect solution to spending twelve or fourteen hours in a dress or skirt at work.

Stockings have also been rediscovered in the lingerie industry, selling to women who want to feel sexy and desirable. Men have showed much interest in women wearing stockings. Feeling sexy and desirable is an important part of being a woman. All women deserve to feel beautiful and wearing lingerie such as stockings helps women to accomplish that in privacy, bringing more confidence in public. Men are encouraging wives and girlfriends to try wearing the stockings as a way to bring more excitement to relationships by desire.

With the return of stockings in women's wardrobes an old wedding tradition is also returning to brides. After the reception and before the start of the wedding dance the bride is sat in the middle of a room on a chair and the best man removes the bride's garter holding the stockings. It is a way of passing from a single woman to a committed married woman.

Runway models are showing stockings and giving new ideas to the options when wearing stockings. There are many different styles of stockings on the market so it is fairly easy to find stockings to match any outfit or occasion. Whether you are dressing up or dressing down stockings will bring a new feeling of beauty and a secret sexiness to your life. The return of stockings appears to be a very welcome change.