Baseball Sunglasses: A Flawless Device for Scoring a Homerun

by : gisbert

Baseball sunglasses have become more common among players in the Major League. Aside from their stylish looks, these eyepieces help a player make an accurate catch. The glare of the sun in an open baseball field is enough to distract a catcher, particularly if he has to look upward to catch the ball. Manufacturers of sunglasses have come up with various methods of neutralizing the bright rays of the sun to allow players to get on with their job of chasing the ball without discomfort. These eyepieces are also offered in stylish designs that make players eager to try them on. The protective function and fashionable look of these sunglasses have made them a necessary accessory for almost every player in the baseball field.

Although baseball players wear caps to protect their eyes from the sun's rays, these are often not enough. Baseball sunglasses are more able to prevent the eyes from getting damaged by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and are more reliable particularly when players need to look skyward. Sunglasses used in baseball are designed in such a way that they can adjust to varying light, be it in bright sunlight during day matches or in the midst of hundreds of field lights during night games. Most sunglasses worn by baseball players carry multiple lenses that can fit different levels of brightness.

In choosing sunglasses, baseball players have a number of options when it comes to lenses; with green, gray, brown, red and even yellow and orange made available by manufacturers. Gray lenses are neutral and do not enhance contrast or distort colors, while green and blue lenses are said to cause some color distortion. Among the types of lenses, yellow and orange are said to have the best ability to enhance contrast but can also cause color distortion. Most of the sunglasses worn by players in the baseball field have interchangeable lenses that can be used in different light conditions.

Some lenses have mirrored coatings and are more commonly known as mirrorshades. The mirrored coating reflects some of the light before it is transmitted through the lens which makes it useful in bright, sunny conditions. In some brands, lenses are photochromic or have the ability to darken with bright light and lighten in dark environments. The frames of sunglasses for baseball are mostly made of nylon. Nylon is light and flexible and can be bent slightly and returned to its original shape if pressure is applied. Some brands are designed as goggles that wrap around the wearer's head to better keep them in place. Lately, a type of model with spring loaded hinges has become popular among athletes. The hinges help grip the wearer's face better without any need for wraparound materials like those of goggles.

Baseball sunglasses range in price from $30 to $100. Some of the better known makers of sunglasses for baseball are Bolle, Gargoyles, Easton, Akadema and Wiley. Plenty of designs and colors are available for those who play baseball and also for those who just want to look like a baseball player.