Hilary Duff Hairstyles: How To

by : Jwilliams

If you're a girl under the age of sixteen, most likely you either love Hilary Duff or you hate Hilary Duff. For those that love the actress, they want and strive to be just like her, look like her, dress like her, and have hairstyles like her. For the purpose of this article, we will discuss the range in hairstyles of Hilary Duff.

When typing in the name Hilary Duff on the Internet, one may encounter lists and lists of web sites dedicated to Hilary Duff and her fan base. There are web casts and blog-fests that feature hairstyles of Hilary Duff, movies of Hilary Duff, and fashions of Hilary Duff. She even has her own line of home accessories. So what's so great about Hilary Duff? Well, for starters, her long blonde hair.

Hairstyles of Hilary Duff feature her generally in longer layers, starting generally at the earlobe and graduating down to the ends. For the most part, the color of Hilary's natural hair is the golden blonde that can be easily imitated at salons. Often times, she has white and lighter blonde highlights that add depth and shine to her hairstyles. But perhaps it's her girlish bangs that draw more attention to her than most. Usually, she keeps her bangs short and straight, which brings focus on her beautiful eyes and face. Other hairstyles of Hilary Duff feature her with curly and wavy hair. Simply use some type of Velcro roller to achieve this look.

As far as styling goes, most hairstyles of Hilary Duff are fairly simple. Simply pull all the hair up from the ear level and above and clip on the crown of the head, then blow dry the under layers straight and turned under at the ends, then go to the bangs and blow dry them the same way. Then remove the clipped hair from the crown of the head and add a gel or mousse, start blow drying the hair in an outward and upward motion using a round brush, this will give the hair volume and movement. When completely dry, spray with a styling mist or some type of hairspray.