What Shoe Colors Do Women Absolutely Need?

by : teahupoo

Women have so many different choices available to them when it comes to style and color of shoes available. The reason is that shoes and women are an entirely different subject than men and shoes. A pair of shoes worn by a man is considered an extension of his outfit and is worn to compliment. With women, a pair of shoes is intended to accessorize an outfit. Shoes are chosen along with hand bags, belts and other accessories to give an over all affect. Many times, a stylish, well thought out ensemble of shoes, bag, belt and jewelry will create a conversation point with women or even envy!

Although there are millions of different colored shoes on the market for women, the most functional and popular color shoe that absolutely every woman should have in her wardrobe is black. Black is about the only color known to man that will match well and compliment any color scheme possible and is considered to be very dressy. Although black is not the only color shoe that a woman should have, it is absolutely necessary to own at least five pairs of black shoes! Yeah, I know you are thinking that is crazy but when you consider that you need open toe, closed toe, dressy, casual, and semi casual it doesn't take long to add up!

Another must have shoe color is white. Like black, white is a color that can be used with a wide variety of colors to enhance an outfit. White is generally difficult to keep clean and is easily scuffed or marked so it is not quite as popular as black. Never the less, it is absolutely necessary to have at least two pairs of white shoes as part of a complete wardrobe. If you work in the medical profession this figure may have to be multiplied quite a bit!

The colors and types of clothing that a woman has in her wardrobe will often dictate the colors of shoes needed. With that in mind, it is fairly obvious why many women need an entire wardrobe dedicated to their shoes. The colors a woman chooses for her wardrobe will have a lot to do with favorite colors and what is considered 'hot' this season and shoes are no exception.

If you were to ask any woman what color shoe was absolutely impossible to live without, I am positive the reply would be that every color shoe is needed!