Reducing the Effects of Aging

by : Nancyroberts

Aging: is a completely natural process and something that affects all of us, but no one wants to look in the mirror and see the results. From freckles and age spots that show damage from the sun to dark circles and fine lines around the eyes to deeper wrinkles, signs of aging on our face betray how young we feel inside.

In a recent interview with Sandra Day, those of us at Smart Cover Cosmetics learned that there are some simple steps that we can all take to reduce the effects of aging – simple steps that keep us away from the cosmetics counter where we're bound to hear that every product is the miracle worker to keep us young.

In addition to cleansing, moisturizing and protecting our skin from the sun, Sandra Day tells us to use an exfoliating product to renew our skin. In addition to creams and lotions, we can splash our faces with water a few times throughout the day because that moisture will also help our skin.

We can change our habits and even our diets to avoid damaging our skin from the inside: stop smoking, limit the caffeine that we take in and be sure to take vitamins that serve as anti-oxidants which will improve our appearance and help to keep our bodies healthy.

Still, for some of you, it may seem like it's not enough to reduce the signs of aging; you want to take steps so that you can reverse those signs. The question to ask is this: do you really want or need to use chemicals on your skin or have surgery just to reverse the signs of aging? For some people, the answer will be yes, and they will go on to talk with a skin care specialist, determine the right options for them and then go to a dermatologist or other board certified doctor to have the procedures performed.

There are new injectibles from Botox to Restylane so you can improve the signs of aging… but they don’t last. These tighteners and fillers need to be renewed about every 6 months.

For others, these more drastic measures will seem too extreme. Fortunately for them, there are products like Smart Cover concealers that can make freckles and age spots seem to disappear, that can vanish dark circles and wrinkles and ensure that you look your best.

Fine lines and wrinkles can be minimized, but it's still up to you to keep your skin looking its best and to minimize ongoing damage to your skin. And, once you find a skin care regime that works for you stick with it, your face will thank you.