Foods that Increase Libido Fast

by : Dr. Michael Rodriguez, M.D.

The type of foods below will allow men to have long love-making sessions while enjoying intense pounding with your partner. Women will see an increase in appetite for love-making. 

The intake of a high level of amino acids is of great assistance to redeveloping libido and love-making experience.

  • Amino Acids on Men
    They greatly amplifies the love-making experience through prolonged orgasms. Not only is your manhood now able to increase in size and hardness, but stamina and desire is magnified. It also increases sperm count.

  • Amino Acids on Women
    They allow a larger amount of blood to flow into their clitoris and vaginal tissues. This results in heightened sensitivity, which encourages libido desire and activity. In addition, when a woman is taking amino acid supplements, her orgasms are extremely enhanced, leading to a drastic increase in orgasm pleasure.


Where to get Amino Acids?

  • L-Arginine
    One of the most popular amino acids on the market is L-Arginine, a semi-essential amino acid. It has been proven to create increased blood flow to the organs of both men and women. L-Arginine is described as a free-form amino acid, one that is crystalline. Not only has L-Arginine been shown to improve your pounding quality and performance, it is also known to work in relocating nitrogen throughout the body. It is also highly important to the body’s metabolism and is known to be beneficial to the activity of the blood vessels surrounding the heart.

    L-Arginine can be found in numerous enhancement products. When looking for an L-Arginine supplement, try to find one that uses natural herbs in addition to high levels of amino acids.
  • Natural Food
    Red meat is a good amino acid fix. Alternatively a 3-ounce serving of chicken or turkey breast has about 28 grams of protein, and the same amount of halibut, tuna or salmon contains about 22 grams. Cod, Sole, Flounder, Tilapia and perch are slightly lower in protein but are still good sources.

The combination results of taking more Amino Acids will give an increased stimulus for women, and pure ecstasy for men. Need we say more?