Trendy Silicon Waistbands/Bracelets

by : barneygarcia

Silicon waistbands/bracelets are in great vogue these days. They are thick strips that encircle the wrist and mean a lot to people wearing it. Most of the fashion stores of today offer these silicon waistbands/bracelets in different colors with different things printed on them. Although they are worn to support a charitable cause, yet teenagers of today prefer it more for fashionable purposes. They are prepared by non-profit organizations for fundraising purposes.

Different colors available in silicon waistbands/ bracelets

As demand is increasing everyday, these silicon bracelets/ waistbands are available in different colors. While some of them are normal ones with a glossy shine on them, others are special for glowing in the dark. Other than the colors, there are famous quotations along with logos, color fill texts and marbleized colors printed specially on them.

The colors available in silicon waistbands/bracelets include pink, bright red, yellow, light blue, green, purple, gold, navy blue, brown, glow in the dark, cardinal red, aqua, royal blue, forest green, orange, camouflage, white, silver, black and white.

Different colors have a different significance for silicon waistbands/ bracelets. They represent charitable purposes and so all the colors have their different importance. While red means World's Aids Day, white means peace, black means mourning, green means better hearing awareness, gold means children's cancer awareness, camouflage means supporting the troop's activities, dark-blue means anti-smoking, colon cancer awareness, anti-child abuse, diabetes cure and catholic relief services, cystic fibrosis awareness, almost all the colors have a variety of meaning.

Meaning of silicon waistbands/bracelets

The silicon waistbands/bracelets come in various sizes like large, medium and child. The large bands are 8 3/8" around and generally fit around the wrists of children to adults. The child bands are 5 7/8" around and typically fit children ranging in age from 4 to 8 years.

Silicon bracelets are used for the following purposes:

?Make a statement - the bracelets represent slogans that reflect your personality and your views.

?Party favors - they are great bracelets for happy occasions like weddings, baby showers, family reunions, birthday parties and parties.

?Fundraising - the bracelets represent various occasions and so they can be used fundraising purposes. You can sell them and collect the money for charitable purposes.

?Personalized gifts - silicon waistbands/bracelets can make wonderful gifts for your dear persons who means a lot to you.

?Business promotion - silicon bracelets are inexpensive promotional items that are special for your business. You can hand them out in the trade shows, at fairs or at places where your business spreads.

Wear silicon waistbands/bracelets and let it reflect your personality.