Buying Valentines Day Jewelry

by : ajnin

Is it just me, or is shopping for Valentine's day jewelry the hardest job in the world for any man? I just seem to struggle every year. I try to plan in advance, I try to be creative, I even speak to my wife's girlfriends for their thoughts and suggestions. Instead of inspiration, I'm left even more confused.

Is this task beyond us men? I really hope not, I pride myself on being a man of the 21st century. I share in all house hold responsibilities, I buy my wife flowers when she's not expecting them, so even though I dare to say it myself, I'm a perfectly romantic husband. Yet, when it comes to buying Valentine's day jewelry, I turn into Jack, from Jack in The Beanstalk. Instead of a pearl necklace so delightful in style, I end up with a necklace made from beans. Sadly, I'm convinced that my bean necklace is the most attractive necklace in the world.

So this year, I'm determined to be different. Not only am I going to be different, I'm also going to help all of the other men out there with the same issues as me. This is my contribution to the men of the 21st century, how to buy Valentine's day jewelry for your wives or girlfriends.

Top tips for men buying Valentine's day jewelry

Why not consider buying a jewelry display case instead of jewelry. There's little room for error and it also provides a practical requirement. The good thing is that you can buy many different types of jewelry display cases, from wooden ones to jewel encrusted ones.

Consider something a little different, perhaps a toe ring. It may sound a little crazy as a Valentine's day jewelry gift, however it could be quirky enough for your loved one to fall in love with it. If they don't like it, they can always wear socks or spurn the open toed sandals.
Remember, it is not about spending lots of money. It is about demonstrating that you love and care for them. A really expensive gift could be embarrassing for the recipient, especially if they're not that keen on it.
Speak to the nice person in the jewelry store. It's surprising how helpful they can be, they are also used to us men wondering around their stores with a clueless expression on our faces. They have lots of experience and could make some very good suggestions.

Remember, the number one rule when buying Valentine's day jewelry is not to go too overboard. Take the time to have a look at what other types of jewelry she wears on a regular basis. Then compare this to her "Special Jewelry", this is where you should be aiming for.

Also, be committed to the cause. Don't give up, you're a man of the 21st century, you can buy your wife or girlfriend jewelry. It is not mission impossible. I have a lot to prove this year, I'm still not convinced that my gift of a Fondue Set went down too well last year. This is why I am desperate to make my wife's day and treat her to some wonderful Valentine's day jewelry.