How To Download Music To Your PSP Without Breaking A Sweat

by : rankstorm

The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) is the latest revolutionary multimedia player released by Sony. This is a unit which can be used for all your entertainment needs as you can play movies, music, games and browse the internet using it. There is no need of buying any discs or files for your music needs on the PSP. It is possible to PSP download music from the internet for your listening pleasure.

To download music to the PSP, you first have to check if the music you intend to download on the PSP is an mp3 or mp4 file. This is because if the music that you choose is not in the proper format, you have to convert the music and video files to the right format before you can actually play them on the PSP.

There is a useful program, called the ImTOO PSP Music Suite that has the ImTOO CD Ripper and ImTOO PSP Video Converter which is used for the downloading and playing of music and video files on the PSP. With this software, it is possible to convert files into either mp3 or mp4 files.

For PSP download music of mp3 files, you have to first connect the computer to the PSP using a USB cable. Make sure that the computer detects the new USB device connection. Then you have to check the My Computer icon where there should be another drive listed corresponding to the PSP. This drive is usually E or F. This drive has to be opened and a new folder created to be renamed to PSP.

This PSP folder has to be opened to create a new folder that is renamed MUSIC. With this done, you can transfer mp3 files on the computer by opening the MUSIC folder in the PSP drive and then copy pasting the desired mp3 files into the folder. Once this is done, you just have to remove the USB connection.

If you want to download CD songs to the PSP, the CD Ripper has to be installed to the computer. After this, the music CD has to be loaded on the CD drive. You will find an 'Extract and Encode' button on the CD ripper program which has to be clicked on. With this, it is possible to convert and transfer the songs from the CD to the PSP. However, before doing this, make sure that the right PSP format is selected.

When transferring music files from the iTunes to the PSP, the music has to be converted to an mp3 file as iTunes music is in mp4 format. Launching the PSP Video Converter program, the mp4 files you want converted have to be loaded by clicking the 'Add' button on the file menu. On selecting the files you want, they are displayed in the Converter program.

Highlighting these files and selecting PSP audio format as the output format is the next step. You then select the folder you want to save the converted files in. with this; you get mp3 files that have to be transferred to the PSP as mentioned above. With this done, you find that PSP download music is not as complicated as first envisioned!