If You Are An Online Gamer, Here Are A Few Must Haves

by : teahupoo

Online gaming has exploded in popularity in the last few years, thanks to increasingly better technology. Characters look more real, and opponents abound because of the venue's popularity. A player in California can duke it out with someone in Japan in these live formats. And as a result, gamers are constantly seeking out the newest accessories that will make their gaming experience even more enjoyable.

We all need to hear and see to function. And the same goes with online gaming. Good sound quality matters. So every gamer needs a solid headset or communication device. Lots of systems support high tech communication devices. Take Playstation 2: you can plug in up to two headsets through a USB port. Obviously you'll need a gaming headset specifically designed with a USB device.

These headsets come in handy and are even necessary for some games. For example, you're playing a game online with other individuals and you need to call out plays to your teammates, you need a good headset to both hear plays and call out plays. But if you prefer a type of game where you're in charge of the entire game alone, then obviously you can exercise the option of not looking like an air traffic controller.

Microsoft Xbox has similar hookups to Playstation 2 except that you connect the headset to the actual controller instead of the system. This works out well because you don't need as long of a cord as you would for Playstation 2, which hooks up to the system. Additionally, the Xbox headset has some awesome features that will make your gaming experience truly unique. For example, players have the option of literally disguising their voice (think of a kidnapper's creepy voice synthesizer) so that their opponents don't know what they really sound like. Additionally, parents should consider this headset since they can mute and thus monitor what their child hears online.

Gaming companies are getting smarter. Many are offering package deals where the headset will come with an online gaming service and subscription, and thus a person doesn't have to search for just the right set for a given game.

And while the headset certainly makes online gaming fun, it's not the most essential accessory for online gaming. Fast internet speed is. If you have a slow upload and download speed, you won't be able to play your game as well since you'll be receiving your information late. You won't see the same things as your opponents at the same time that your opponents see them, and thus will both frustrate you and compromise your play. So get a high speed connection if you want to engage in online play. And make sure you have a reliable one. There's nothing more frustrating than poising a character to make a move and then losing your connection. So consider these tools to make your online gaming experience a true pleasure.