Avoid Common Real Estate Marketing Mistakes

by : jamesklo

Similar homes in the area are attracting competitive offers and selling quickly while others seem to stay on the market forever. Whats the key to making sure that your house sells and doesnt remain on the market indefinitely? The answer is marketing.

The reason why some real estate properties attract more attention than other similar properties is that they are marketed well. It takes more than posting a sign in the front yard to bring in buyers, and investors that realize this are more likely to sell their properties quicker and for more money.

Granted, you may have a great house to sell, but youre not going to sell it if nobody knows about it. And youre not going to attract competitive bids unless more than a few people know about it and want to call the property their own. To make sure that your real estate investment attracts the attention of buyers in your area, avoid these common marketing mistakes:

No marketing strategy - Many investors select their properties based on numbers. If they can get the house for a great price, fix it up cheap, and resale it for a much higher price, they feel like they made a good investment. But you have to sell the house to earn the profit. Not having a good marketing strategy for selling the house before you buy it is perhaps the most common mistake made by novice investors. Your marketing strategy should be decided before you purchase the house.
Going over budget.
You should have a good idea how much money it is going to take to market your house. Stick to this number and avoid going over it at all costs. Use strategies that fit into your budget instead of stretching your budget to fit certain marketing strategies.

Ignoring successful strategies.
In the world of real estate investing, there is always something new to learn. One of the best ways to learn which marketing strategies work and which ones dont is to watch your competition. See what they are doing. Are their houses selling quicker and for more profit than yours? If so, why not try what is working for them?

Once you have found a successful marketing strategy, stick with it. While different homes or different residential areas might require a different marketing approach, dont forget the strategies that worked. Sometimes all that is needed is a new spin to an old idea to bring in the buyers.