Investing in the Arizona Real Estate Market

by : tabithajnaylor

The Arizona real estate market has been one of the hottest real estate markets to invest in for the past two to three years. Initially, investors were seeking real estate in California when they stumbled upon the state of Arizona and saw the potential for growth. In recent years, this market has provided excellent returns for investors. Why? Because it is good for both investors that deal with single family homes and investors that deal with condominiums and apartment-style housing.

While Arizona?s real estate market continues to experience a 20%growth rate, this rate is significantly smaller than it has been in recent years. This is in partially due to the fact that rising interest rates are making it more difficult for families to afford home in the same way that they have been able to in the past. Once mortgage rates begin increasing, some families could lose their homes to foreclosures.

Right now, the Arizona real estate market is still very much in favor of sellers. As long as there is a positive growth rate, sellers will hold the reins on real estate prices, whether it is for condos or single family dwellings. Investors that intend to sell houses are best to do so within the next few months, while sellers still have a grip on the market. Once the tides turn and the market shifts to a buyers market, it will be difficult for current properties holders to experience any positive gains from the sale of a property.

Don?t be too discouraged, however. There are still plenty of options available for investors interested in this hot market (no pun intended). At this particular point in time, it is not wise to purchase properties in Arizona as investments unless you are planning to rent them out.


As mortgage interest rates continue to rise, many people will not be able to afford to purchase homes. When this happens, unfortunately, many of these people will opt to rent a home rather than attempt to live outside their means in order to purchase a home (it will quite clear if people are living beyond their means by the number of foreclosures, so this is definitely something to watch out for). Investors owning property at this time can make their money by renting out their homes.

Another option for investors interested in the housing market in Arizona is to wait for the growth rate in home prices to slow; then purchase a home. At this time, since the market will be more favorable for buyers, it will be easier to negotiate lower prices.

Obviously, with real estate investing, strategy timing is everything. Once the tide turns and buyers have more influence over the prices, investors new to the Arizona real estate market will have a better chance at making a significant profit from turning property.