Your 2nd Investment Mortgage Property

by : infocus

Lots of people are looking at acquiring a 2nd investment mortgage property, either for rental purposes or second homes. With so many people looking for a place to rent, the rental business has known a huge growth during the last few years. Of course, in some situations, a second investment mortgage property can be use more efficiently as a second home than a rental property.

1. The Profit

The profit you can get from a second investment property depends a lot on the type of investment you make. Some investors want to have a cash flow during the first year, while others just want positive net worth. The return of the investment is higher when you keep the property for a long time.

2. Deducting the Interest against Income

If you purchase a second property, you can deduct the interest against income. In some situations, even if you are cash flow positive, you will pay less on taxes. Make sure that you consult your tax advisor for further details on how to save on paying interest and taxes.

3. Conforming Rules

The consequences of renting a second property depend upon whether you use property as a residence or not. A 2nd home is used as a residence if you or a member of your family uses it for personal purposes longer than 14 days or 10 % of the number of days you use it for rental. If you use the mortgaged property as a residence and only rent it for 14 days or less in one year, you don't have to report the revenue. Of course, if you rent if 15 days or more in one year, you do have to report the income. If you don't use it as a residence, you have to report the income anyway.

4. Deducting the Interest on a Second Investment Mortgage Property

If you use a mortgage for buying a second house, you can deduct the interest only if you choose itemized deductions. If the mortgage is larger than the fair value of the house, or mortgages for both of your houses exceed $1 million, the deduction could be limited.

For a second mortgage or credit secured by your home, the interest is deducted only if these types of mortgages on your houses don't exceed $100,000. If you itemize deductions, the real estate taxes are also deductible.

Before deciding to purchase a second property you should thoroughly consider both the costs and the revenue associated with this type of investment. Consulting a private investment advisor can significantly improve your chances of making the right decision and maximize your profit.