Forex Trading Styles

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Forex trading style comprises of a set of formalized rules, which directs the process of your trading. Without a pre-designed trading style, your trading is like a ship without a destination. A fully formulated forex trading style turns your trade into a profitable business.

In general, forex trading styles are based on two main fields of studies: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. You must know the basic differences between these two trading styles as both of them have their own characteristics.

To be a good Forex trader you have to find out the advantages and disadvantages of both these trading styles. From the study and research, you will have to decide which of these two trading styles matches with your method of trading and will help you in maximizing your profit and more importantly, will have some inherent factors of risk management.

When developing your own forex trading style based on some technical analysis, the best will be to develop a hybrid method comprising more than one technical indicator. For example if your forex trading style is based on the Candlesticks, you must watch out for a hammer, doji, head and shoulders pattern, 1-2-3 formation, double top or bottom etc.

Trend lines across the highs in a downtrend or lows in an uptrend prove to be extremely helpful for formulating a full proof trading style. On a forex trading style based on MACD, watch for a difference between the highs and lows of MACD and the price. When there is divergence, watch closely for the right entry point, once price has shifted in the direction of the divergence.

200 EMA is an all time favorite for traders who love to formulate their own tailor made forex trading style. On higher time frames, for example, 1 hour, 4 hour, daily, they take a note whether price is above or below the 200 EMA to decide on their price direction.

Pivot points, which take note of previous support and resistance lines or the Fibonacci, are few other methods of technical analysis which blends trading styles and risk management features within them.

The other style of forex trading, which is based on fundamental analysis involves key economic data, political condition, sudden situation of emergencies, natural calamities etc. So your forex trading style must help you in identifying these conditions when the market responds to them dynamically.

You can search websites for e-books, forums, online newsletters, to have more knowledge of different forex trading styles. In some forums, veteran traders and investors share their trading style, which you can adopt for developing a style of your own. Perform frequent back testing of your forex trading styles. Always pay attention to your win/loss ratios, and bring changes to suite specific conditions. So what are you waiting for? Choose your trading style today and fulfill your dream!