Online Forex Trading Tutorial

by : rsbombard

There is an old adage connected to online forex and stock trading. It goes some what like this If you are inexperienced and have money and meet an experienced trader, but without money, you are likely to end up with experience and the experienced trader your money. There can be some semblance of truth in this but what this infers is trading without experience and strong fundamental knowledge of the market is an invitation to loss making.

Online Forex Trading Tutorial
There are several reputed online forex trading houses that cater to retail investors and traders. The same trading houses offer to train their prospective and existing clients on the nitty gritties of online forex trading most of the times free of cost.

What You Need To Learn About Online Forex Trading?
If you are a novice you need to start from the beginning. The macro economic factors that affect price volatility and the demand and supply of currencies that trigger the short term fluctuations which are your trading opportunities and most importantly the points of entry and exits form the basis of your learning.

Most of the online forex trading tutorials available require you to open a cost free demo/practice account so that you get exposure to either real time or simulated environment for better understanding.

Online Forex Trading Tutorial Curricula
You will see that, generally all the tutorials have more or less the same curricula. Basically speculations are made through a number of charts and indicators.
Chart Types:
1. Line chart
2. Bar chart
3. Candle stick chart

All these charts are price plots for selected periods. Then there are several indicators that help make decision. The important and most followed ones are

1. Average true range (ATR)
3. Commodity Channel Index
4. Linear Regression
6. Momentum
7. Moving average
8. Parabolic time price
9. (ROC)Rate of Change
10. Relative Strength Index
11. Slow Stochastic
12. Standard Deviation
13. Stochastic

All charts and indicators are taught with sufficient demonstrations for self study. The tutorials deal with the patterns and formations made by charts/indicators and what they mean. While charts help you for short term speculative trading (technical analysis) they don't concentrate on the underlying reasons for price movements. This is the ground for fundamental analysis. The study of macroeconomic factors such as changes in government policies, wars etc that influence supply and demand, and as a consequence prices, constitute the fundamental analysis. These things are illustrated in contrast with demonstrative price movements.

Online forex trading tutorial helps gain a lot for everyone who takes it.