The Turtles -In 14 Days They Learned How to Make Millions

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

The turtles were taught to become financial traders and none of them had any previous financial experience.

Before you say I couldn’t do that read on because like the turtles you can because trading financial markets can be learned by anyone who is prepared to apply themselves to learn the right knowledge.

First let’s look at the advantages of financial trading:

1. The major advantage is you can leverage your investment this means that if you have 10,000 you can trade on leverage of 100:1 or more, so you get to trade a million.

2. Financial markets trend in one direction for a sustained period of time for long periods and these trends can be spotted and traded for profit.

3. Human psychology is constant so it shows up in repetitive patterns that can be traded for profit.

The key of course is to learn a method that cuts loses and runs profits – and turtles learned this and the discipline to apply a method.

The turtles were taught by trading legend Richard Dennis, to prove to his partner that traders were made not born and he proved the point with stunning success.

Dennis taught them all a method they could have confidence in and showed them how it worked.

From this inner confidence that the method would achieve success came the discipline to apply it, which all traders need to ride out periods of loses.

It took just 14 days, these traders became trading legends and piled up millions in real time profits.

Not everyone who trades of course is going to make millions, life simply isn’t like that.

However the potential to become a successful trader is open to anyone.

You can trade futures or global currencies and make money both markets will grant you more than enough leverage to increase your gains.

All you need is an internet connection, the motivation to learn how to read a chart and in under an hour a day you could be trading for big profits.

Financial trading represents one of he few ways for traders to start with small stakes and make money quickly and build serious wealth.

So did they do it when 90% of traders lose?

The fact is the majority of traders who lose lack the three basics for success.

1. They consult guru’s and try and buy success, without doing learning the method themselves.

This means they lack confidence in the method and cannot apply it with discipline in losing periods.

2. Discipline is the key as without the ability to apply it you have no method in the first place and this means knowing how and why your method works.

3. Money management is the other key.

It doesn’t matter how good your method is, if it lacks sound money management when you trade on leverage you won’t preserve your capital.

Most traders focus to much on the profits they can make rather than protecting what they have.

If you want to win trading financial markets you need to play great defense first and let your offense take the opportunities when they emerge.

Many traders also work hard but they don’t work smart and learn the wrong way to trade.

The turtles are proof that anyone can trade and anyone with a bit of seed capital can make money.

If you are serious about making money, and a willingness to learn, you can take advantage of the opportunity to trade financial markets to.