Are Good Real Estate Agents Hard to Find

by : Joe Mack

Many investors today have been looking in different areas to invest in. The majority of time you have to find a new real estate agent in that target area that will fit your needs.

When approaching a new market the first thing I like to do is call Realtor signs to test out a couple of agents and go from there. Usually this is a decent way to find an agent to start looking. Typically I would get a response in a few days a most, but now the time frame is just ridiculous. I think out of ten agents one responded within twenty-four hours.

A few agents have gotten back to me and they all have say that they are just so busy. The bank owned properties just take so much of their time in the day. If they only had a few it would not be bad but a few dozen is more like it.

My personal Realtor has her own little office in the downtown area where I live. She is the only agent in her office at the moment. Currently she has at least fifty bank owned properties the last time I checked. I know she is just plain swamped and she only has one secretary. I mean two people are dealing with that many properties is just crazy.

All of the real estate offices around me just keep on getting more listings from the banks every week. If they could at least sell a few here there that wouldn't be bad. If they are lucky they can sell a couple in a month at most.

I have to say that these real estate agents are probably going insane with all the work from the banks. In some areas the banks are trying to move their inventories by discounting them by high percentages. In other areas they won't even discount them at all. They out right will not even open the lines of negotiating without getting their asking price. What are these banks thinking?

I give some credit to these agents they are working really hard to stay alive. You can now see who is a real real estate agent not just some one chasing the dollars.

In most areas the banks will eventually have to lower their prices to get rid of their inventory.If the agents can stay alive to this point it would have not been in vain.

In the past number of years the number of real estate agents increased exponentially. Anyone could practically make money selling real estate. I am still finding a lot of great real estate agents out there it is just taking more time and work to achieve.