Bank Flow Trading Room

by : Staff Writer

Imagine the vibe in the Bank Flow Trading virtual trading room as Day Two unfolded…and provided the improbable. The second day actually turned out to be better than the first!
Sure Dustin Pass and Jonathan Silver led the Bank Flow traders to a fast start, but could they maintain their momentum? After setting such a lofty standard on Day One, some must have doubted that success could be repeated. After all, the Forex Market has its ebbs and flows, right? A potential 90-pip gain would be hard to repeat.
Imagine the vibe in the virtual trading room as Day Two unfolded…and provided the improbable. The second day actually turned out to be better than the first!
First, traders awakened to discover SIXTY PIP profits overnight, plus another 140 pips from the USD/CHF the day before. Here’s how it happened: At around 8:15pm EDT the first night, Jonathan issued a buy on the USD/JPY, entering around 101.55 with a stop set at 101.15 and a target of 102.15. Traders that entered the trade that evening woke to the smell of something even better than morning coffee or sizzling bacon. They woke to the sweet aroma of a sixty-pip profit! Showing the traders - and you - the kind of "intraday trades" members of the Bank Flow Trading Room can expect, Jonathan had set the tone for Day Two success.
USD/CHF Call nets 140 pip minimum
Traders were advised via email to hold long positions on the USD/CHF, and look for the bottom. That call turned out to be highly profitable, as those who held their positions heard the cash registers ringing. Most entries ranged from 1.0170 to 1.0200 and the price at last count had risen to 1.0339. The strategy paid off with a 140-pip gain. Add to that bit of good news the fact that many traders took profits several times as the market bounced, and our Bank Flow traders were having more fun than a kid with a new toy!
150-PIP turnaround on EUR/USD even with a bad entry
Another trade was called on the EUR/USD to sell at 1.5460. The market was moving quite fast, and many traders were unable to jump into this one. Many, however, did enter at around twenty pips lower (1.5440), and at the time of this writing the EUR was at 1.5287. Even with a bad entry, that was 150+ pip bounce.
Quick profit trade on AUD/USD pays off for some
As a quick-profit trade, Jonathan gave an entry signal on the AUD/USD at .9265. A number of traders jumped in and exited with 20 pips, then reentered, locking in profits with a break-even stop. Some closed out that second entry at break even while others closed out with another 20 pips or so. That is how the whirlwind that was Day Two in the Bank Flow Trading Room ended. It was another high-energy, high-profit day…a great encore!
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