Dominican Republic Real Estate Opportunity

by : Yuri Yeleyko

Dominican Republic Real Estate - Investing in Paradise

The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful Caribbean destinations and is also one of the most exciting emerging property markets in the world. Government incentives to attract high quality sustainable tourism continue to successfully support the countries economy and industry and there has never been a better time to buy a property in The Dominican Republic.

For those who are looking for a guide to property buying in the Dominican Republic, you should know that, in the past twenty years, a very large number of people have been looking for real estate they could use when traveling to the country for holiday purposes. This trend is accelerating and the demand for quality property is increasing significantly.

The most recent development is widely recognized as the largest dedicated leisure resort development in the world and perhaps the last great investment opportunity. It is continually courted by premier international leisure resorts. Understandable when 8% guaranteed rental yield (net of management fees) is available for the first 5 years, even for second home buyers.

The foreign nationals are capable of spending enormous amounts of money on hotel resort complexes and apartment projects. Many buyers of homes and condo’s intend to turn them into second homes or vacation properties. This is mainly because there are many people looking to spend long periods of time in the Dominican Republic. Of course, they are also interested in very expensive villas and estates! And why shouldn’t they be, when the Dominican Republic real estate market is often the target of very wealthy people across the world? The properties for sale in the Dominican Republic can offer them heaven on earth!

The Dominican Republic is approximately 600 miles South East of Florida and about 4000 miles from Western Europe. With flying times to one of the international airports such as Punta Cana or Santo Domingo of 1 ? hours and 7 hours respectively, the whole country is easy to get to.

The Dominican Republic enjoys a year round tropical maritime climate and it is at the border of the tropical zone. Sea breezes refresh the inland areas, evening out temperature to average 74F (23’C) in the early mornings to 89F (32’C) at mid-day. There is little difference between winter and summer temperature with July averaging at 82’F (28’C) and January at 76’F (23’C). The lowest temperatures occur in the mountain areas, where temperatures have dropped to 32 (0’C), and record highs have been registered at the frontier with Haiti, 102F (39’C) in the summer. The months of May to November are regarded as the rainy season and most rain falls in the northern and eastern regions.

The Dominican Republic is similar in size to Scotland or the U.S. state of Maryland and is the second largest island in the Greater Antilles.

At this writing there are 26 signature golf courses in the Dominican Republic, with more on the way. With its spectacular location and grand vision it is destined to become one of the most prestigious international championship standard Golf and wind-surfing retreats in the World.