Forex day trading strategy

by : Nick Schultz

If a task has been assigned to a person, they ideally want to complete it within a day's time so they don't have to carry it over to the next day. This also means they can do something new the next day, or right after they have completed the former activity. If we were to look at children, we can see how this can be so easily followed. When they come home from school, they are hungry, so sit to eat, and right after eating, they rush to change out of their school clothes and head out to the playground for some fun. A couple of hours into that, they get back home and sit down to complete the homework and finally it is family time or dinner time. They have managed to accomplish so many things, all within a couple of hours. This is what makes their days complete and makes way for a brand new day to begin. Similarly, while involved in foreign exchange trading, the investor has the option to follow the Forex day trading strategy, which is a mode through which they can complete an order before the end of the day.

Not more than 24 hours is taken to open and close a transaction and this way they can carry out multiple deals in a single day. This not only helps cut down risk factor but also increases their per day earnings. They can also deal in multiple small lots through the day leveraging on the upward trend in the market and earning high profits. Before one enters the forex day trading strategy, they need to have a good business plan and must have done all the analysis necessary to predict the ebb and flow of the market. This will enable them to save time during the trade and invest in various currencies that are all faring well and are bound to rise some more. This method is also suitable for those who are not risk takers and are not looking for big returns and will be happy with what they make. Since the risk is low here, the returns are also only moderate and so the investor needs to be fast in making another deal. If, while in one order, he notices that another lot is coming up, he can immediately place an order in that. This way, he can go on for about five to six trades in a day.

Forex day trading strategy has come to the forefront in a big way, but only in the recent past. Pretty much ever since people have discovered that they too can deal in the foreign exchange market and not burn their fingers. Since there are different indicators, the Fibonacci is said to be the most popular. The trend followed through this is such that the first and last numbers in the sequence are added up and the ratio levels are plotted. This will give an indication on what the likely earnings are going to be. And gives the result of what the support and resistance level are in this particular market to the investor.