Essential Forex Trading Tips

by : Monica Hendrix

Here are ten things you must do and 10 things to avoid when formulating and executing your forex trading strategy. If you want to be successful at forex trading then read and understand the points below there essential to achieve currency trading success

1. Don’t day trade

It doesn’t work! All short term volatility is random so you have no chance of winning longer term.

2. Don’t buy a Currency trading system with..

A hypothetical track record.

These are done in hindsight knowing the closing prices so avoid them. In forex trading its more difficult, you have to make money going forward!

3. Don’t trade off news stories

News is discounted by the markets instantly and is impossible to trade so don’t try.

4. Don’t mix fundamentals and technical

There separate, you are either a technical or fundamental trader - you can’t combine both.

5. Don’t use scientific theories

The king of these is Elliot wave and it doesn’t work.

It’s supposed to be objective but everything about it requires subjective judgement.

If markets moved to a scientific theory we would all know the prices in advance and there would be no market!

6. Be Objective

Use objective criteria to execute trading signals. Avoid subjective theories (like Elliot wave mentioned above) or cycles, these are subjective and mean your emotions can get involved

7. Don’t chase your tail

Gets a currency trading system you are confident in and stick with it. Don’t chop and change it!

8. Don’t forget to place stops immediately

Always place it as soon as you have entered a trade. Never use a mental stop or you will be tempted to run losses.

9. Don’t have an ego

Many traders like to see that market as they want to and not as they really are. Leave you ego behind and accept the market price is the RIGHT price.

10. Don’t work to hard

Many forex traders think the more they put in the more they will get out.

While this is true in many professions, it is not true in the forex markets – you only get rewarded for being right.

Successful forex trading is all about working smart not hard.

Now ten things you must do:

1. Get a simple system you understand

Simple systems work best and you only need a few rules or indicators in it. Don’t complicate it, the more rules and the more parameters, the more likely it is to break or lose in trading.

2. Make sure you have confidence & discipline

Develop it yourself and you will get confidence that leads to discipline. If you try and follow someone else’s system you will lack both and fail.

3. Use a technical approach

Takes less time and also takes into account human psychology which moves all forex prices.

4. Be patient

Only execute your trading system in line with your trading signals and don’t be tempted to chase profits.