Trading Is Not For Weekend Warrior Or The Midnight Cowboy

by : Stapin Brown

The practice of buying and selling financial instruments that consists of bills of exchange or bonds within the same trading day such that all the formalities and paper works are completed not necessarily always before the market close of the trading day so as to avoid the risk of price gaps at the open. Day trading used to be the maintained by the financial firms and professional investors and speculators but with the advancement in technology, changes in legislation, and the popularity of the Internet, day trading has become increasingly popular among casual traders also. Everything is fine when there is sufficient inflow of revenue but if there is outflow of your hard earned revenue and you are left with nothing is unbearable. Therefore it is suggested that the process of trading is not to be taken lightly instead deep thinking is required to decide to undertake such business that risks a loss but promises a profit.

This article is not to scare you out but to show both the sides of trading as every business have. Just as there is risk of losing your friends, your sanity, your dignity all your worldly possessions and most of all every penny you own there is also the brighter side of earning a lot of money if you learn to trade properly and stick to your strategy. Whatever be the fate with you there is a price to be paid which is often called, newbees, tuition. The price not only includes monetary involvement but also the hours spends on reading books and information sites on the web, stay up nights doing research, avoiding get-together with friends and family and your changed life style.

It is for sure that trading is not for the weekend warrior or the midnight cowboy but for those laborious who are willing to put in the time to study and learn. The amount of invested self work will determine the probability of success and the strategy that you design for yourself otherwise day trading with poor discipline, risk or money management is prone to failure. Success or failure whatever prevails on you; you yourself are responsible for it no matter who was behind you. There is no use to blame others for your trade turning sour.

Remember to trade with those funds that you can afford to lose and never you savings, retirement plans, school tuition, etc and learn to trade on paper first and separate the hype from reality thus making a safe step. Do not make a hasty chase in trading so that you have repent in leisure.