Secret Martial Arts Techniques

by : Kelvin Ho

Many people who are keen in martial arts often seek out the latest and greatest martial arts techniques. What all of them hope to achieve is to master some secret martial arts moves that will enable them to fight better and more effectively than their rivals.

Here are a couple secret martial art techniques which are difficult to find on the internet or anywhere else. Though all of these tricks and techniques are practical, remember to use them after diligent practice and after thought:

Secret Martial Arts Techniques #1 Time and Eye Contact
When martial arts are used as a form of self defense, the most critical component is time. If only you got a bit of time before the attacker made his next move, you could easily win the fight.

You can gain such a gift for time if you start to watch the opponent's eyes during the fight. The direction in which your attacker is looking would be a determining factor in the speed with which he is going to act and you could effectively use the opponent's gaze to your advantage.

For instance, if your attacker is looking directly at you, it indicates that the attack would come very fast, but if he is looking away from you, this means that you can get a few seconds to prepare for your strikes. Though simpler during a competition when there are a lot of repetitions of moves, this can be tough during a street attack.

If that is the case, make an attempt nevertheless to study his eye pattern. What you are essentially looking for is his blinking pattern. Try and gauge the time when he would next close his eyelid. This is the time when you have to plan your strike and make contact with the attacker. Essentially, when you can predict a blink, you can be ready to strike.

People not only blink, their eyes also wander, even when they are on the attack mode. Simply bide your time till the attacker even takes a glimpse at the door and you could attack him at that instant. Even when he looks at your feet, you can grab that short time lapse to your benefit.

With some practice, this secret martial arts technique can be put to some great use and you can even track and control your own eye motions to your own benefit.

Secret Martial Arts Techniques #2 Breaking Momentum
When you see someone moving aggressively towards you, have you ever wondered how to put a break to the momentum, redirect him and make the potential attacker pass you by? Well, there is a very practical yet little known and lesser practiced secret martial arts technique that is to execute a stop kick on the shins or a jab on the eye. That could stop the first impact of the attacker on you.

Your attacker has to stop to give a counter attack to you. You do not have to aim at being successful with your eye jabbing, but the whole idea is to stop his forceful forward movement. As soon as he has stopped for a while, step on his or her foot.

Find the top of the opponent's foot without even looking down. If you do look, then your move becomes obvious to the attacker. The art of finding the opponent's foot can be perfected with practice.

Your next move is to push your opponent as soon as you have pinned down and trapped his or her foot. Imagine what the impact is going to be on his body when you have mastered the perfect art of pushing down someone when his foot is trapped.