Salmon Fly Fishing Strategies and Tips

by : Marilyn Roberts

Salmon will not be feeding when they are in a river but they will strike anyway as this is their nature. But watch out when they are in a lake as they will be very aggressive and predatory. This behavior can be challenging to fishermen but exciting also.

Choose carefully the time of day you are fly fishing for salmon. Bright, sunny days will cause them to hide in deep holes and make them more difficult to catch. On low light or cloudy days they will be much easier to catch as this is their preferred weather.

A smart fisherman will make a water temperature chart to follow patterns of the salmon. This can take several years to make accurate but once you have it you will be ahead of the game. Get a thermometer to check the temperatures at different times of the day. Always put the thermometer in the same depth and place each time. Start keeping a notebook with you so you can record the temperatures and update it as often as possible. Eventually you will know the best times to fish in your favorite spots.

Salmon like the cooler water best and as the water heats up they will go deeper. They need oxygen and cooler water will have more. Being in their ideal water temperature will cause them to fight harder but they will be easier to find. So choose your water temperature wisely to hit just the right note between too hot and too cool.

Knowing when and where to fly fish for salmon can be tricky because the salmon will be swimming up and down following the pattern of day brightness and water temperature. So being patient is a big requirement of a successful fisherman. Sometimes the weather will be windy and you will have to cast far out because you will be casting into the wind. When the weather conditions change you have to change with them if you want to catch your salmon.

When you are fishing the deep holes your line can easily get snagged on debris, rocks, and foliage. You will probably end up losing a lot of flies so make sure you have plenty, but it will be worth it when you take that big catch home.

For adventure, excitement, and sometimes the fight of your life, try salmon fly fishing for the satisfaction of testing your skills against fish and nature.